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Skeyndor has been introducing innovative products to the market for almost half a century. The brand is characterized by the exclusivity of recipes achieved thanks to continuous scientific research. Selected active substances are used, thanks to which the highest effectiveness in skin care is guaranteed.

Eternal is an intense anti-aging therapy with inspiration from the latest genetic engineering research. The whole secret lies in the fact that stem cells from the ecologically pure apple variety that is Uttwiler Spatlauber are delivered with the help of nanotechnology, which provides regeneration of damaged skin cells and an immediate flow of energy. In phyto-cells the secret of longevity is contained, namely they stimulate full and lasting protection against external factors, thanks to which the skin stays young for a longer time.

Aquatherm is a treatment that uses the soothing effects of thermal water from some of the healthiest springs of salies-de-bearn found in the French Pyrenees. This therapy thanks to the abundance of mineral salts and oligoelements allows you to restore balance in the metabolism of the epidermis, which provides immediate relief and strengthen even very sensitive skin.

Corrective is a procedure for people looking for an alternative to the effects of aesthetic medicine, possible thanks to advanced botox like therapy. It has many stimulating peptides that prevent muscle cramps, as well as fillers and deeply moisturizing substances, such as hyaluronic acid, which provides visible improvement of facial contours and increased skin elasticity.

Global lift is a modern care treatment that has a lifting effect. It is possible to achieve the effect of a full facelift, which restores the proper oval of the face and visible improvement of the structure of the subcutaneous tissue without the need to use a scalpel

Urban white is a solution to get rid of pigmentation changes and signs of aging in a safe way. Thanks to this exclusive treatment, which was based on exfoliation, maximum effectiveness in removing discoloration is possible, which guarantees immediate illumination, uniform skin color and smoothing.