Laser Hair Removal

160 zł

100 zł

Mustache + Beard
140 zł

300 zł

Deep bikini
400 zł

300 zł

300 zł

Whole legs
500 zł

LightSheer Desire

Laser hair removal

Cosmetic and medicinal laser hair removal is a modern way to remove unwanted hair, also when appearing during hormonal disorders. It concerns both the upper lip and beard in women, but also hair removal for cosmetic purposes, such as under arms, legs or bikini. This treatment is performed with the Lumenis Light Sheer ™ diode laser. It has the title of the most modern epilation device. It has a Safety and Quality Certificate from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as the only one in the world.

How laser works

The laser emits a delicate ray beam, which is absorbed by the pigment of the hair called melanin. This leads to the destruction of the hair bulb and further to the removal, as well as the lack of regeneration and regrowth.


This type of hair removal is recommended for people who want to look neat and at the same time, they care about the comfort that is given by careful and safe depilation.

It is for everyone, both for women and men, who have hair in unwanted, unexpected places such as legs, face, upper lip, ears, beard, chest, underarms, neck, back, bikini