Price list

Permanent eye makeup - eyeliner decorative line
600 zł

Permanent eye makeup -pigmentation of eyelashes line
400 zł

Permanent makeup of eyebrows using the ombre / powder method
800 zł

Permanent makeup lips 3d lips

Permanent make-up

Have you ever wished you could be less dependent on makeup and still look good? Now there is a way with permanent makeup! It is an exciting procedure, a cosmetic form of tattoo-ing in which color is implanted within the skin and can look more natural than makeup. Imagine makeup that won’t come off during jogging, swimming or exercise. It offers beauty and freedom for active people of today.

Women can dispose of their brow pencils. Permanent brow color can give a very natural look. Create and shape brows to frame the face and select colors that are perfect for your hair and skin tones.

Create thicker looking lashes by applying color to the base of the lash-line or a thicker lovelier liner can also be achieved, depending on what you desire. Camouflage and corrective procedures by quotation.

Create a more defined lip line while enhancing and adding fullness to lips.