Price List

The area around the eyes
100 zł

Series of 5 treatments 400 zł


Series of 5 treatments 900 zł

Face, neck

Series of 5 treatments 1150 zł


Series of 5 treatments 650 zł

Scalp skin

Series of 5 treatments 900 zł

One, selected area (nasolabial forehead / sulcus / chin)

Series of 5 treatments 650 zł


Series of 5 treatments 900 zł


Series of 5 treatments 900 zł


Series of 5 treatments 900 zł


Series of 5 treatments 650 zł

Stretch marks

Series of 5 treatments 650 zł


Where did the idea of the carboxytherapy came from?
Carbon dioxide has been used in medicine for several decades. Initially used for helping people with venous insufficiency. From the moment when it turned out that the gas injected under the skin has a beneficial effect on its condition and appearance, it was only a matter of time before it started to be used in the field of cosmetology.

How does carbon dioxide work?
Carbon dioxide in the body is responsible for the expansion of blood vessels and regulation of blood flow. By injecting it under the skin, we accelerate the flow of blood, oxygen and nutrients, and improve microcirculation and stimulate the cells to renew. The injection of carbon dioxide is understood by the body as hypoxia. The reaction triggered in this way leads to cells stimulation and production of collagen. The end result is the improvement of skins structure and increasement of skin elasticity.

How does the procedure look like?
The dioxide is injected using a special device that regulates the gas flow and temperature. The treatment is relatively short, depending on the area being treated it may last from a few to about 30 minutes. Improvement of skin appearance The results of applying CO2 under the skin are : improvement of blood circulation, stimulation of collagen production and general improvement of skin quality. Through this the skin becomes more tense and looks younger. Carboxytherapy is also an
ideal way to improve the face oval.

Body shaping, reducing cellulite and stretch marks.
Carboxytherapy is also often used for body shaping, reducing cellulite or stretch marks. Carbon dioxide, inserted subcutaneously in adipose tissue, turns into carbonic acid and destroys fat cells. Increased blood supply leads to improvement of metabolism, lymphatic drainage of the treated area and excretion of released fat. This process leads to reduction of the number of fat cells.

Carboxytherapy - dark circles under the eyes
Dark circles under the eyes are a significant problem for many people. Oxygenation of the extremely delicate eye area activates the cells and leads to creation of new cells, that rejuvenate the skin and restore its healthy, fresh appearance. The tissue flow is increased and the dark circles under the eyes are reduced. After several treatments, the skin acquires a healthy tone and a more luminous appearance. Carboxytherapy allows you to remove both dark circles and reduce wrinkles around the eyes. The visit takes only 15-20 minutes. To achieve satisfactory results, it is necessary to perform a series of 5 - 10 treatments.

Carboxytherapy - hair loss
Carboxytherapy for hair is a modern method of treatment of excessive hair loss. With the help of the Carboxytherapy Dual MC2 device, carbon dioxide is administered by injection. The visit takes only 15-30 minutes. To achieve satisfactory results, it is necessary to perform a series of 5 - 10 treatments, with an optimal frequency of one treatment per week.

As a result of the penetration of CO2 into the tissues the vessels dilate - the blood circulates faster, the cells are regenerated.

In addition, new vessels appear and collagen production is stimulated. Hair stops falling out, new hair appears, which is thicker and definitely stronger.

Carboxytherapy - effectiveness in numbers

  • reduction of shadows under the eyes (up to 90%)
  • reduction of wrinkles around the eyes (up to 56%)
  • rejuvenation of the neck and cleavage
  • reduction of acne scars (up to 97%)
  • strengthening and regeneration of hair bulbs (up to 77%)
  • hair loss prevention (up to 77%)
  • reduction of the double chin
  • reduction of intense cellulite (up to 89%)
  • stretch marks removal (up to 97%)
  • reduction of scars (also postoperative) (up to 97%)
  • localized fat tissue (up to 67%)
  • reduction of spider veins (telangiectasia) (up to 44%)
  • wrinkle removal (up to 56%)
  • psoriasis (up to 55%)

Contraindications - The exclusion for the procedure is:

  • thrombophlebitis;
  • pulmonary embolism;
  • glaucoma;
  • sickle cell anemia;
  • poikilodermia;
  • severe lung diseases;
  • renal failure;
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • unstabilized blood pressure;
  • recent myocardial infarction, angina;
  • psoriasis, eczema, rash, skin irritated;
  • disease history of colloidal scars, healing disorders;
  • recently completed surgical procedures;
  • tumors and cancerous conditions (signs);
  • herpes;
  • haemophilia;
  • epilepsy;
  • immunosuppression or diseases of the immune system;