Price List

Massage with Chinese bubble | 60 min
100 zł

Partial massage with Chinese bubble | 30 min
65 zł

Massage with Chinese bubble

Massage with a Chinese bulb is known, for centuries, for its healing properties, enabling recovery. Not everyone is aware that they also apply when improving the appearance of the figure. Chinese cupping massage is a method that uses vacuum suction of the skin and underlying tissues. This treatment begins by smearing the selected part of the body with a special oil. Then the bubble is placed to the point on the body and the button. A negative pressure is created at which the bubble is sucked into the skin. A single treatment lasts from 15 to 30 minutes. When we want to treat a larger part of the body, the treatment can take up to an hour.

Chinese bubble massage enables:

  • reduction of cellulite, at every stage of applying;
  • metabolism acceleration;
  • getting rid of toxic substances unnecessary in our body;
  • reducing back pain;
  • improving the blood circulation of the skin;
  • reducing the tension in the muscles