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Lymphatic drainage of the legs
80 zł

Lymphatic drainage of the legs

Lymphatic drainage immediately helps get rid of swelling from the legs. It allows you to lose a few centimeters from the hips and loss of cellulite. Lymphatic drainage of the legs is a painless and effective treatment, which will quickly restore the shape and lightness of sore legs. The treatment is performed not only for health, but also for beauty. A pumping-kneading massage is performed, with the help of the hands of a massage therapist or other specialized devices, lymph circulation is improved. The massage is done slowly, that is about 10-15 liquid and gentle movements per minute. After the treatment the patient is relaxed and light.

Lymphatic drainage of the legs is recommended in several situations:

  • before starting anti-cellulite treatment;
  • as part of anti-cellulite treatment - if the massage is combined with appropriate preparations such as anti-cellulite ampoules;
  • when feeling "heavy legs" - this is the swelling that appears at the end of each day, accompanied by hard and swollen calves; Thanks to this, it is a suitable treatment, especially for women who walk in high heels;
  • a few weeks after the birth of a child - the massage gives very good results while improving the condition of the aching legs of a young mother;
  • Has an accelerating effect on the absorption of bruises and hematomas following injuries;
  • When cleansing the body, because lymphatic drainage allows you to remove unnecessary metabolic products; After this treatment, you feel increased diureticity, which is a consequence of the body's natural work;
  • During dieting;
  • Before an important trip such as: a big ball, your wedding, or someone else's wedding. Drainage will make your legs relaxed and allow you to play, dance on the dance floor until the morning. It is recommended for young ladies who are on their feet 24 hours a day.

The effects of the treatment are visible immediately, but it is worth investing in their entire series until the optimal effect. It is recommended to perform two treatments after 10 minutes a week.