Price List

Eyebrows shaping
30 zł

Eyebrows henna
30 zł

Eyelashes henna
30 zł

Eyebrows henna and shaping
60 zł

Eyebrows and eyelashes henna
60 zł

Eyebrows, eyelashes henna and eyebrows shaping
80 zł

Lash lift
170 zł

Brows lamination
100 zł

Beauty treatments for the eye frame

One of such treatments is henna and eyebrow and eyelash regulation. These are basic treatments for a well-groomed woman, along with others such as manicures and pedicures. This involves darkening the hairs of the eyebrows and eyelashes with natural henna and giving shape, adjusting the eyebrows. Both henna and eyebrow regulation are relatively quick treatments, lasting a maximum of 15-30 minutes.