Price List

1 treatment
400 zł

5 treatments
1800 zł

10 treatments
3600 zł


The BDR's full name is Beauty-Defect-Repair. It is a treatment that allows for skin regeneration. Modern technology allows the introduction of active ingredients deep into the skin. The treatment is performed using microneedles, thanks to which the natural processes occurring in the outer layers of the skin, such as regeneration, are stimulated. Microperforation allows you to create many thousands of small channels in the epidermis by which the appropriate active ingredients are immediately absorbed by the skin and start to work. The reward for regularity, which will rapay us is our skin after this treatment, there is visible smoothing of wrinkles, strengthening and increasing the density of the epidermis. The naked eye will be noticeable firming and greater vitality and younger appearance.