Price List

30 zł

30 zł

Mustach + Beard
50 zł

50 zł

40 zł

50 zł

50 zł

60 zł

Whole legs
110 zł

Brazilian Bikini
70 zł

Deep bikini
90 zł

90 zł

40 zł

90 zł

50 zł

60 zł

Whole legs + deep bikini
190 zł

Wax depilation

Wax depilation is a skillful removal of hairs in a mechanical way, i.e. plucking them using the appropriate wax, which is to stick to the hair and then remove it together with the bulb. Before it grows back, you can enjoy smooth skin for up to 5 weeks.

You can apply wax on all parts of the body, it is most often used on:

  • groin / deep bikini
  • mustache,
  • armpits,
  • arms,
  • hands,
  • legs.

If we are talking about waxing, there are no age or gender limitations. It can be used by teenagers as well as middle-aged and older people. It is eagerly used by men who want to
get rid of unsightly hair around the back and chest.

REMEMBER to undergo wax hair removal properly, hair must have a length between 5 and 10 mm.

Advantages of waxing:

  • Effect immediately after waxing
  • Even 3 to 4 weeks break between hair removal treatments. You can enjoy smooth andsoft skin throughout this time;
  • The possibility of depilation every area of the body, even eyebrows;
  • There is no sensation of itching and burning, unlike other methods of hair removal, In this method, the whole hair is removed, including the root, which gives a longlasting effect. Even with dark and thick hair, perfectly smooth skin is ensured without visible dark spots, waxing works on the skin like peeling. When we take off the wax with it, the surface layers of the dead dead skin will be removed, which strengthens the effect of the maximum smooth skin.