Classic manicure
60-70 zł

Classic manicure with nail polish
70 zł

Japanese manicure
80 zł

Gel manicure
100 zł

Gel manicure + removal of old gel nail polish
130 zł

The IBX system
40 zł

IBX system (added to manicure)
30 zł

Removal of hybrid nail polish
35 zł

Titanium manicure
110 zł

Titanium manicure with nail extension
150 zł


Classic pedicure with nails polish
120 zł

Gel pedicure
150 zł

IBX system (addition to pedicure)
40 zł

The IBX system
50 zł

Therapeutic pedicure
150 zł

Hands and feet

Japanese manicure
Japanese manicure is a salvation for people with splitting, brittle nails. If your problem is nails with a damaged plate, the method of care popular in Japan may be helpful. The principle of this Japanese manicure is simple - it is based on wiping a special paste into the tile. The strips consist of substances that rebuild and strengthen the nails, giving them an unparalleled glow of pink pearls.

Titanium manicure

What does the procedure consists of? It begins with mattifying and polishing fingernail surface, pushing back cuticles and filing edges of finger plates. Then a beautician applies a special base coat and puts each fingernail in a container filled with a colourful dust. The next step is hardening the tinted dust with the use of a special transparent nail enamel.

Titanium manicure is way safer than other types of manicure. The colourful dust, which the fingernails are covered with, has plenty of advantages. For example, thanks to the content of titanium dioxide and acrylic polymer, nails are hardened and, at the same time, protected from splitting, breaking and cracking. Moreover, the pigment is rich in vitamins A, E, D and these form B group as well as calcium. All the substances are responsible for strengthening and preserving natural colour; counteracts fingernails going yellow and becoming discoloured, in general. Titanium manicure stays on fingernails long (even up to four weeks) as it poses a great solution for girls who don’t have time for long nail care procedures or mundane nail painting.

Hybrid manicure
Hybrid manicure is a method of nail stylization, which uses a combination - nail polish and manicure gel. Hybrid nails are distinguished by durability. In addition, they look natural, are resistant to damage and the paint does not chip off. At the La Bohème Studio, we work on cosmetics brand Kabos, famous for its simple composition and exceptional delicacy. This brand is recommended for people suffering from allergies to hybrid lacquers.

Healing pedicure
Healing pedicure is a care treatment with healing and prophylactic effects. This type of pedicure is a comprehensive service addressed to people struggling with corns, calluses and ingrown nails.

Ingrown toenails is a troublesome condition that affects people of all ages regardless of gender. In order to avoid pain and surgical interventions at La Bohème Studio, we carry out the procedure of setting up therapeutic buckles, which deal with this painlessly and
extremely quickly.

Cosmetic pedicure
Cosmetic pedicure is the basic care treatment used on the feet. This procedure consists of shortening the nail and removing the sticks of unsightly cuticles. The miller removes the epidermis on the feet. Next, we perform a peeling with a massage. At the end of the
treatment, the nail is degreased and painted.