Price List

1 treatment
130 zł

5 treatments
600 zł

10 treatments
1000 zł

15 treatments
1400 zł

20 treatments
1800 zł

Jumpsuit for endermologie
60 zł


What is LPG endermologie?
It is a lipomassage, performed with a high pressure, affecting the skin and subcutaneous connective tissue, which has the effect of:

  • cleansing,
  • slimming,
  • rejuvenating.

For whom is the treatment designed?
The most satisfactory effects will be achieved by people who decide to have endermologie in order to:

  • reduce cellulite,
  • lose weight,
  • shape body,

By stimulating metabolism, the body effectively eliminates fat and toxins from the organism.

What does the procedure look like?
The patient dresses in a special jumpsuit, so that the machine has no direct contact with the skin. Lipomassage is performed using the machines head. The head consists of two independently movable, rollers and a suction chamber. During the treatment, under the influence of pressure, the skin fold is drawn in between the rollers, taking the shape of a wave. Then the skin is rolled from the inside and outside - thanks to which the treatment affects deep layers of the skin, and the tissue is stimulated to regenerate.

Endermologie - slimming and cellulite reduction?
During the procedure the skin is strongly kneaded, which stimulates the metabolism. As a result, fat burning process is accelerated, resulting in:

  • fat cellulite reduction,
  • slimming,
  • reduction of water cellulite
  • improvement of skin elasticity,
  • reduction of edema,

Endermologie - therapeutic effect?
During endermologie, happiness hormones - endorphins are secreted in our body, hormones that relieve pain and cause feeling of satisfaction and relaxation. Therefore, the procedure is also performed in order to:

  • treat ligament and tendon injuries
  • remove muscle pain
  • eliminate cervical pain
  • eliminate pain in the knees, feet and hands
  • eliminat edema

How long does a single message last, how often should it be repeated?
For optimal results, two 35 minute treatments per week are recommended until desired results have been achieved. When you are happy with your results, simply come in for a maintenance session once per month.

Contraindications and side effects:
Lipomassage isn't recommended for patients with abdominal hernia, with large amounts of lipomas, phlebitis and active cancer. Contraindication to endermologic procedures is also the use of blood thinning medications. It is also not recommended to perform this treatment during pregnancy or breastfeeding. A side effect of the lipomassage may be small bruises that may arise in the massaged areas.