Price List

Single training
150 zł

A series of 5 workouts
600 zł

+ One Free Training

A series of 10 workouts
1000 zł

+ One Free Training

A series of 15 workouts
1400 zł

+ One Free Training

EMS Electric Muscle Stimulation

This treatment has been used for many years in sports and physiotherapy. Recently, this technology is available not only for sport stars. Now this type of training is available to everyone. It gained the most popularity in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, because there are currently several hundred different fitness clubs where EMS trainings are conducted. During traditional training, the human brain sends a signal to neurons, which causes muscle cramps. Thanks to EMS technology, this process can be carried out by replacing the brain with electrical impulses that are sent from the device through the electrodes directly to the muscle cells.

Benefits of EMS training:

  • Time saving - simultaneous work of all muscles, makes the training take only
    30 minutes.
  • Relieving back pain: electrodes that are built into a special training garment, along your spine, allow you to activate rarely exercised deep muscles. As a result, they are stronger, which makes it possible to alleviate problems associated with the spine.
  • It allows you to achieve the right level of body fat - this is an effective strength training, thanks to which the body's way of burning calories changes. It is a very helpful tool for losing weight and getting rid of fat.
  • It relieves the joints. Electrical impulses generated during training work directly on selected muscles, without affecting our joints, thanks to which it is not possible to overload them, which is a common problem with traditional training.
  • Balancing the muscular system is possible thanks to built-in electrodes that can stimulate and develop all muscles. If there is a need to strengthen only the problematic part of the body constituting the so-called "Achilles heel", it is possible to do so


Strong muscle contractions that stimulate collagen production and improve blood supply to the skin also contribute to increased energy consumption. This results in a decrease in body weight, as well as reduction of body fat and acceleration of metabolism. Hated rollers created from fat in the waist and hips are offsetting. Muscles are more visible and sculpted.