Price List

Body wrapping anti-cellulite
150 zł

Body wrapping with peeling and massage
250 zł

Body wrapping

Body wrapping is a slimming treatment, which consists of two stages.

  1. First stage: special preparations are applied to the body individually selected for the patient's skin, which have modeling and firming properties of the skin and have anti-cellulite properties.
  2. Second stage: the body is wrapped with a specialized film, which significantly accelerates the penetration of active substances from the preparations into the skin's interior. The film creates a thermal coating on the body, which makes the treatment have slimming properties.

The treatment can be performed on the entire body as well as only on selected areas requiring modeling as:

  • buttocks;
  • thighs;
  • abdomen;
  • Shoulders

The treatment is painless. The results are satisfactory when the procedure is performed in a series of several treatments. When doing it, do not forget about healthy eating and physical activity. The combination of these three elements allows for spectacular and quick results.